Who we are:

Saveorumba.org is the news and media website of Orumba Erosion Foundation; a non-governmental organisation registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. Larry Iloh, founded Orumba Erosion Foundation, with the support of well-meaning Orumba and Aguata citizens, to raise awareness and campaign against erosion menace, environmental degradation, and other deleterious and harmful ecological issues affecting Orumbaland, the people of Orumba and their neighbours.

Our Mission:

With our land facing extinction from erosion menace; with our environment being routinely polluted; with our people facing a life of uncertainty over the future of homes and farmlands; our mission is to seek and engage local and global agencies, including governments, for lasting solutions to the threats posed by erosion, landslide and other ecological concerns to Orumbaland, lives, homes and livelihoods of Orumba people and their neighbours.

For decades, subsequent governments have paid little or no attention to hundreds of families whose family homes and farmlands have been washed away by erosion/landslide along Agulu-Nanka-Oko erosion site. Thousands more family homes are on the brink of being washed away. The road connecting Oko to Ekwulobia is about to be washed away by erosion at the Umuchiana border between Ekwulobia and Oko, and the government is doing very little to address this existential threat and danger to community cohesion, movements and lives. We can no longer wait and watch while our land is being destroyed by erosion. We can no longer wait and watch our leaders and governments as they neglect our people and our land; Inaction is no longer an option. Time to act is NOW. Join us as we seek lasting solutions to this dangerous threat to our environment. Orumba and Aguata Local Governments deserve decent environment.

How We Work:

We create awareness on environmental hazards, erosion menace – through community events; publication and circulation of relevant literature and leaflets; mobilisation of communities on DIY approach to erosion control.

We also use our global contacts to seek global approach and intervention on the imminent danger posed by erosion in our communities. We petition and solicit for the intervention of global environmental agencies such as the Global Environment Facility, the World Bank – ecological fund, and governments.

We approach, evaluate and monitor the implementation of erosion control projects by Nigeria Erosion and Watershed management Project (NEWMAP), Ministry of environment, to ensure that adequate attention goes to the most deserving and dangerous erosion sites, especially the Agulu/Awgbu/Nanka/Oko erosion sites, as well as Umuchiana-Ekwulobia/Aguabo-Oko/Aguluezechukwu erosion sites.

We seek to build a coalition of great minds and institutions for a permanent solution to the erosion menace in our communities. We can also transform the erosion sites to world-class tourist sites and attractions.

We use our website for news and project updates.